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Here's the skinny on Skinies:
"This is such a high quality garment." - Brenda H.

"I don't know how I got along without Skinies. " - Rachelle P.

"I think you have a winner!"
- Robin P.

"I love Skinies!" - Jenny B.


Questions & Answers

How can Skinies save my money and my style?

Skinies will convert ANY top into a nursing top.  You can wear all your favorite shirts without having to buy a new wardrobe for nursing! Make Skinies your go-to style starter!

What makes Skinies unique?
Skinies is the only PATENTED cami with open cups!  Designed to slide on comfortably, Skinies is easy! You can wear Skinies under or over your bra to convert your top into a nursing top and keep you covered as you nurse.  That's right, it is an undergarment that converts your shirt which means you can wear all your favorite clothes over Skinies without purchasing a whole new wardrobe for nursing.  Keep your beautiful, unique style!

Plus, the flower petals make you bloom all year round. How fun is that!


How can I turn any cami into a nursing cami?

For those of you who love to run around in a cami, but don't like to hang out when you nurse, here's your answer! 


What makes Skinies easy?

There are no flaps to pull down or snaps to unlatch, or hooks to deal with so it eliminates a whole step for you.   And let's face it, for the hungry baby - the sooner dinner is ready, the better!  Eliminating flaps also eliminates bulk. This is a major plus when considering the last thing a nursing mom wants is extra bulk!


Will Skinies fit my cup size?

No more worries about a shelf bra being too tight or not feeling comfortable - with Skinies, you get the right fit no matter what your cup size is.  Keep your favorite nursing bra and wear Skinies with it.  The openings are designed to stretch and fit just right.  Because you wear your own bra, you never need to worry about having a uni-boob look.  Skinies conforms to your shape, and your nursing bra does the rest. Have the confidence of wearing your perfect-fitting bra with the comfort of a nursing cami!

Will Skinies help me feel confident?

Skinies is made with a touch of spandex to help hold in that post-pregnant tummy giving  the new mom extreme comfort and confidence. Skinies helps you feel,  well, skinny

Will Skinies keep me covered?

With some nursing tanks, you are still left exposed at the top.  Not with Skinies.  When you lift up your outer top to nurse, it gives extra coverage for the top of your chest with Skinies covering everything you don't want exposed.  Skinies works perfectly as a layering piece under button-up shirts as well.  When you open your shirt to nurse, everything you don't want showing stays covered!

How do I use Skinies?
Wear Skinies as an undergarment underneath anything! A casual sweatshirt while lying around eating bonbons, or an elegant evening dress for that special night out. When baby is hungry, lift up or open your outer garment and, voila: dinner is ready!  

You can wear over a bra and simply reach up though the openings to unlatch. You can wear under your bra for a cozy alternative.


Can I really wear Skinies under my bra?
Sure you can!  Actually, it is recommended if you are wearing a thin fabric.  Skinies is soft and light enough to wear under your bra and our mom testers rave about how super comfy it is this way.
  Wearing it over your bra is also adorable and convenient. 

Wear Skinies over...   or under your favorite bra!

Is Skinies Comfortable?
Extremely! Skinies helps the new mom look trim and feel confident without binding or restricting.  It is super soft with just enough spandex to make mom feel like a new woman!  Because of the elimination of slits, snaps, flaps or other coverings, you get less bulk and it
makes nursing so easy. The streamlined design of Skinies is slim, yet comfortable making it barely noticeable when worn as an undergarment.

Super comfortable.   Quick access through the daisies.


Can I wear Skinies to work?
Skinies is the ideal garment for the mother returning to work. She can wear it under her professional apparel. When she has as to pump, she won't feel like she is undressing in her office. Skinies fits like a gentle body-shaper, giving mom the confidence to return to work feeling her best.  Yet it is so light weight it
will only enhance her professional wardrobe.

Can I give Skinies as a gift?
Absolutely! As a six-time human bottle, I have often said I wish I had Skinies 5 babies ago! The fun and refreshing package makes an uplifting gift for a new mother or a mother who has been at it awhile. Skinies would be adorable in a gift basket or bag with a few other goodies and tied with a bow. Because it is already packaged, it is simple to mail to a long distance mommy. Any way you give it -
she is sure to be blessed!

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